About Our Studios

GAK’s studios are available for rental to both experienced students and professional artists. The availability of renting is dependent on existing class schedules, and operating hours. All renters must have a signed Studio Rental Policies and Procedures Agreement and Waiver forms on file prior to renting and they are good for one year from the date of signing. All renters must be current members of Glass Art Kalamazoo and have Studio Manager approval prior to renting.

Learn the specifics about our four studios and the equipment and space available in each, specific policies, as well as the path to become a renter in the sections below.

The 1,500-square-foot open studio space adjoins our 324-square-foot Hot Shop that can accommodate both large and small teams. One 350-pound-capacity, HUB Consolidated gas furnace runs 24/7 at a temperature of 2,100˚F to continually provide quality clear molten glass. We use Spruce Pine batch for our hot glass. There are two workstations, each with a medium glory hole and gaffer bench.

Hot Shop

Cold Shop

The 560-square-foot Cold Shop features a wet saw, grinders, polishers, a lap wheel, Dremels, and more. There is ample table space and lighting to complete any cold working project. If you are an existing or experienced glass artist, you can rent the Cold Shop to put the finishing touches on your projects.

Cold Shop

GAK’s Lampworking Studio is 560-square-feet and equipped with 12 workstations, each station has either a Nortel Major or Minor torch, a large ventilation hood, and a full complement of lampworking and bead making tools. We have 5 annealers for both Moretti and Borosilicate glass.


Kiln Fusing

GAK’s 595-square-foot Kiln Fusing Studio has flexible space for kiln forming, with all the tools, molds, and kilns need to complete your project. We have both Evenheat and Denver kilns for rent. We have pre-programmed our Evenheat kiln for full, tack and slump fusing. We use Bullseye COE90 fused glass sheets, stringers, frit, and powder in our Kiln Fusing Studio.

Kiln Fusing

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