About the Hot Shop

GAK has one of the few public access Hot Shops in Western Michigan. This 324-square-foot space accommodates both large and small teams with a choice of three Denver annealers (large, top loading, and regular) in order to produce your artwork. One large 350-pound-capacity, HUB Consolidated gas furnace runs 24/7 at a temperature of 2,100˚F to continually provide quality Spruce Pine Batch clear molten glass. There are two workstations, each with a medium glory hole and gaffer bench.

Hot Shop Up Close

Our 324-square-foot Hot Shop, adjoining a 1,500 square foot open studio, features:

Rent the Hot Shop

In order to rent the Hot Shop, you must be a current member of Glass Art Kalamazoo. You must also have prior approval from the Studio Manager. There is a two-hour minimum to rent the Hot Shop. You must supply your own assistant, if desired. You can bring up to 2 additional people for your rental slot. Please review our complete policies and procedures before booking a rental. If you would like to connect with other renters to schedule a time slot, click below.

Your Hot Shop Rental Includes the Following:

Price: $37.50 per Hour (2-Hour Minimum Rental Time)

Rental Extras

How Do I Become A Renter In The Hot Shop?

Interested in becoming a glass blower and renting our Hot Shop? Your path to renting the Hot Shop as a glass blower begins with our beginner classes. Start by taking a Make It! Glass Blowing Class – you can find an upcoming class below. Follow it up with an Introduction to Glass Blowing 8-hour Class. After completing both a Make It! And Introduction to Glass Blowing beginner classes, you are encouraged to continue on to the Glass Blowing Essentials 1 and 2 classes to further your knowledge and gain enough experience to begin renting the studios. Students completing all 27 hours of instruction plus 6 hours of supervised practice time may be eligible to rent the Hot Shop.