Glass Art Kalamazoo Studio Rental Policies and Procedures Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting time at Glass Art Kalamazoo studios. Glass Art Kalamazoo’s studios are available for rental when there are no classes or other events in progress and staff are available. Please read the following rental policies and procedures and sign this rental agreement, indicating that you agree to adhere to all policies and procedures stated below. Please let the Studio Manager know if you have any questions regarding these policies and procedures.

All Renters Must:

  • Be a current member of Glass Art Kalamazoo and have paid the yearly membership fee as well as any previous rental balances.
  • Have approval from the Studio Manager to use each studio. Approval can be gained by completing appropriate coursework and/or demonstrating adequate knowledge to work safely and independently in the desired studio.
  • Sign a waiver and the rental policies and procedures form annually. All members and assistants must have a waiver on file.
Booking Time & Cancellation

All rental slots must be booked in advance with Glass Art Kalamazoo staff, specifically the Studio Manager. All rental requests will only be processed during Glass Art Kalamazoo’s normal business hours (Tuesday-Friday, 11am-6pm, and Saturday, noon-4pm). All rental requests must be made via email or phone call only. Glass Art Kalamazoo will not honor requests made via text to a staff’s personal phone. Please plan on giving at least a 24-hour notice for your rental request.


A minimum of 2 hours is required for each rental time slot and 24 hours for the kilns for each firing. Time slots may be shared with another renter. The primary renter who will be using the studio must be the name used to secure a spot on the schedule. If you are purchasing time for someone else, this intention must be made clear at the time of scheduling. The primary renter scheduled to use the facility must fulfill eligibility requirements to use the studio (see eligibility section). It is up to the renter to notify staff of any special needs for their time slot.

During rental time, the primary renter may bring in additional people to assist as follows:

  • Hot shop: up to 2 additional
  • Lampworking: 1 additional
  • Cold Shop: 1 additional
  • Kiln Fusing: 1 additional

All renters are required to pay for their rental at the conclusion of their rental time. If you are late to your start time, you will be charged from the start time that is scheduled. Renters are welcome to work longer than their time slot; time and resources permitting. You must check with staff on site prior to doing so to assure that time is available. You will be charged the hourly rate for additional time. If you do not use all of your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to notify the Studio Manager via email of what time you left or you will be charged for the full time scheduled.

If you schedule rental time and decide not to use it, you must cancel no later than 24 hours in advance of scheduled time. In the case of the hot shop, if your cancellation is made after the equipment has been turned on (roughly 1 hour before the scheduled start time), you will be charged for a full two hour slot ($75). For cancellations, call the main office at (269) 552-9802 and leave a message including the scheduled rental time slot. Renters must settle any unpaid charges before booking future studio rentals.


Renters must be a current member of Glass Art Kalamazoo, have paid their yearly membership fee and any previous rental balances.

If you are new to renting a glass studio, you must first receive permission to work independently. Permission can be obtained either with a reference from one of the GAK glass instructors, or by arranging a brief interview with the Studio Manager. This interview process and a brief studio orientation are required in order to familiarize new renters with studio facilities, safety practices, and guidelines. This also establishes participation as a responsible member of the studio rental community. If you do not have any previous glass studio experience, you will be required to take classes assigned by the GAK Studio Manager.

Safety & Conduct

Studio participants are held to the same safety and civility standards as members of the staff. Because the GAK studios are contained in a building where many other businesses and studios are located, and because members of the public may be present, all rules for conduct and safety will be strictly enforced. Staff may bring specific issues to the attention of studio participants with full expectation that the issues will be respectfully addressed. Renters must adhere to proper safety procedures for the glass studio including safety glasses, proper use of tools, etc.

Studio staff is here to help you and facilitate your experience. They are also here to enforce the studio participation guidelines in an effort to make everyone’s experience positive, productive, and injury free. Studio participants are expected to be respectful and compliant with staff regarding compliance with studio guidelines and rules.

Renters must notify staff immediately if they are hurt or concerned for their safety.

There is no smoking inside the building. A designated smoking area is located outside near the loading docks. Please dispose of your butts properly.

Renters are not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they are using the studios. If a renter is suspected of being under the influence or is creating a dangerous situation, GAK staff have the authority to tell them to stop working and leave the premises. Said renter will be charged for their full time slot and may not be allowed to rent in the future.

Music may be played but must be kept at a reasonable volume and all ages appropriate during normal business hours. GAK staff occasionally gives tours during business hours and may request the music be turned off at any time.

Renter Expectations

Prior to starting the rental slot:

The renter must have a signed waiver and policies and procedures form on file. This is updated annually. The renter must also have received approval to rent from a Studio Manager and have completed a studio orientation.

During the rental slot:

Studios may be used/rented by others during your rental or after. Please be respectful of others using the studios.

If you take a break during the time you are renting, you are still responsible for the time scheduled.

Please bring to GAK staff’s attention any issues that arise during your rental time, including safety concerns, equipment concerns, or injuries.

At the end of the rental slot:

Please make sure to leave the studios clean and tidy after your rental time. Renters that do not clean up after themselves will be charged a $25 clean up fee that must be paid prior to renting again. This includes but is not limited to putting the tools back where they were taken from (with the exception of hot pipes or molds), sweeping any spilled glass and/or surfaces, and moving equipment back to original positions.

GAK staff will unload annealers/kilns. Renters have 3 weeks to pick up work. Any work left on the unloading shelf after 3 weeks will be discarded. If you cannot pick up your work within 3 weeks, contact GAK Staff to make storage arrangements.

Rules and Regulations

Renters are responsible for the care of tools which they use. Repeated abuse of tools or equipment will result in (1) verbal notice, (2) written notice, and (3) revocation of rental privileges.

Renters must notify staff immediately if any piece of equipment or tool is damaged within the studio during their rental slot. Should the damage be due to negligence of the renter, you may be liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the tool that was damaged. GAK staff will investigate and ascertain responsibility for damage on an individual basis as necessary. If it is determined to be the responsibility of the renter, damages must be paid in full prior to renting time again.

Renters that notice previously damaged equipment, repairs needed or needed supplies should log that information on the log sheet located in the relevant studio (if the Studio Manager isn’t available). If the Studio Manager is available, please notify the Studio Manager immediately.

GAK is not responsible for broken, stolen glass, or personal items.

GAK reserves the right to refuse glass studio privileges to anyone who does not comply with these policies and procedures. No refunds of fees will be given.