About the Kiln Fusing Studio

GAK’s 595-square-foot kiln fusing space features everything you need to complete your fusing project. We use Bullseye COE90 fusing glass sheets, frit, and powder to make our fusing creations. Rent our Evenheat or Denver kilns to complete your project. Our kilns are conveniently pre-programmed for full, tack or slump fusing. We have workspace and all the tools you need to finish your fusing project.

Kiln Fusing Studio Up Close

Our 595-square-foot Kiln Fusing Studio has flexible space to accommodate all types of activities. It includes:

Rent the Kiln Fusing Studio and Kilns

In order to rent the Kiln Fusing Studio and Kilns, you must be a current member of Glass Art Kalamazoo. You must also have prior approval from the Studio Manager. To contact the studio manager, please email [email protected]. There is a 24-hour firing usage and two hours in the Kiln Fusing Studio for each Kiln Fusing Studio rental. You must supply your own assistant, if desired. You can bring up to 1 additional person for your rental slot. Please review our complete policies and procedures before renting the Kiln Fusing Studio.

Your Kiln Fusing Studio Rental Includes the Following:

Your Kiln Fusing Studio Rental Does Not Include the Following:

*Glass may be available to purchase at an additional cost. Please see the studio manager.

Price: Evenheat Kilns $35 per 24 Hours Firing (Shelf Size 36″ x 24″)

Denver Kiln $50 per 24 Hours Firing (Shelf Size 71″ x 35″)

How Do I Become A Renter In The Kiln Fusing Studio or Rent the Kilns?

Interested in renting our Kiln Fusing Studio or our Kilns? Your path to renting the Kiln Fusing Studio or Kilns begins with our beginner classes. Start by taking a Make It! Fusing Class – you can register for those classes here. Follow it up with a 9-hour Kiln Fusing Essentials class to further your knowledge and gain enough experience to begin renting the Kiln Fusing Studio and Kilns. To further learn to program the kilns beyond the basic full, slump and tack fuse programs, take our 1 ½ hour Kiln Programming class. You can register for classes here. Students completing 11 hours of instruction may be eligible to rent the Kiln Fusing Studio and Kilns. Contact the Studio Manager to inquire about renting here.