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2019 Emerging Artist in Residence

Brianna Barron

Brianna Barron (Ann Arbor MI) is the Emerging Artist in Residence at Glass Art Kalamazoo. During her residency, she has taught classes at G.A.K., assisted in the studios, and created this new body of work.

Her artist’s statement for the exhibit reads:
“One of the things I love about working with molten glass is the fact that it is in a perpetual state of motion. It forces you to be present and completely immersed in the process. These pieces are intended to mimic the act of breathing, something often ignored, but so integral to life. By taking a few short moments to become aware of one’s breath, they have the potential to gain a sense of calm and a moment of self-awareness. As air is pumped into these pieces, the glass expands outward, then contracts inward as the air is released. My goal for the work is to make objects that spark joy and evoke moments of presence.”

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Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Saturday: 12pm – 4pm