Meet Our New Studio Manager

Justin Lewis

Glass Art Kalamazoo is pleased to announce the addition of our new Studio Manager, Justin Lewis. Justin is joining us September 1 from the Indianapolis region. A lot of artists know they love art from the beginning but Justin was an outlier in that aspect. He started his career as a Marine Biologist before making that transition to the art world. This origin had a tremendous impact on his source material and inspirations as an artist. Having such a personal connection with marine life led to much of his work becoming marine based in turn and helped him adopt a unique perspective formed from his source material.

He started blowing glass at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Here he learned his foundations of glass blowing and torch working before he moved to New York to hone his ability to teach classes at Corning Museum of Glass. He left Corning to blow glass at studios outside the country; namely Lava Glass in New Zealand before making his way back to the states to teach classes on the Celebrity Eclipse cruise line and finally finding his home at Glass Art Kalamazoo.