Emerging Artist in Residence: Brianna Barron

We are proud to welcome our next Emerging Artist in Residence to the Glass Art Kalamazoo studios – glass blower Brianna Barron from Ann Arbor MI. During her two-month residency, Ms. Barron will help teach classes, assist in the studios, demo at Art Hop, and create a new body of work which will be on display in our gallery.

Ms. Barron will present a solo exhibit or her work in our gallery. The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday December 6. The reception is open to all ages and Free to attend (with RSVP).

RSVP HERE or by clicking on the images below:

We sat down with Ms. Barron to learn more about her stay in Kalamazoo:

Please describe the work you are making while in Kalamazoo. “The work that I am making in Kalamazoo involves lots of little parts, coming together to create whole compositions. My goal for the work is to make objects that spark joy by utilizing bright colors, multiplicity and viewer interaction.”

What have you enjoyed the most so far about your stay in Kalamazoo?
“My favorite thing about my stay in Kalamazoo so far is Art Hop. It was really inspiring and fun to see all of the studios in the Park Trade Center open. I really enjoyed having the chance to talk to other artists and see what they were up to.”

What are your plans/goals of working with glass after your time in Kalamazoo?
“After my residency in Kalamazoo I will go back to Ann Arbor and continue to create and exhibit my work. I’m hoping to use the work I make while I’m here to apply for more residencies and other opportunities.”