Glass Art Kalamazoo is proud to host renown glass blower Matthew URBAN for a week long residency in our studios: February 25 – March 2!

Matthew will be in our studios from February 25 – March 2. Our doors will be open to the public all week for anyone who would like to join us and experience Matthew creating a special new body of beautiful work. See his statement below for details on his planned project (it’s super cool!). Here is the full schedule of his visit:

Monday February 26 – Friday March 2 = Matthew will be creating a body of new work in our studios. The public is invited to stop by (for free!) to meet the artist and watch him at work. Stay tuned for hours.

Wednesday February 28, 6:00pm – 7:00pm = Matthew will present an artist talk and slideshow highlighting his experiences in the professional art world over the past 20 years, followed by a Q & A with the audience. FREE WITH RSVP HERE.

Friday March 2 (Art Hop), 5:00pm – 9:00pm = Matthew will be on-hand for March Art Hop, beginning the night with an opening reception for his solo “Artist in Residency Exhibition” in our gallery, and later offering public glass blowing demonstrations! FREE WITH RSVP HERE.

Follow Matthew here:

Matthew’s statement about his residency at Glass Art Kalamazoo:

“It is my intention to spend time, during the Glass Art Kalamazoo residency, working through some abstract sculptural pieces that I began sketching about three months ago. The artwork concept is a synthesis of vessels and insect forms. My entry point for this project is to create tradition vessel forms that are tweaked and exaggerated in a way that makes the viewer imagine fantastical insects. The work will require extensive assembly of prefabricated components. Some time will be spent on research and development with the purpose of using these glass colors in order to cloak the natural colors and patterns found on insects.”